Modenine – Level IX ft. Mcskill Thapreacha

Modenine – Samuel Peters

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Modenine and this amazing song is titled “Level IX ft. Mcskill Thapreacha”

Off Modenine recently discharged Album tagged The Monument Album

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[VERSE ONE – Modenine]
The preacher had to call the vet for you sick pups
Better yet Dr Kevorkian for the nip tuck
They got the game vaulted but I can pick locks
The red bull got me winged up
My south london goons, all linked up
They overdoing the Bacardi cos the Gin sucks

I dominate the game, I got it kinked up
Torture rack bondage ay’ting locked
Your loyal fan base hoodwinked up
Believing your wife and your mistress minked up
Rocks on their rings ice on their pink chucks
A true schooler when I spit the place stinks up
You drop outs covered in tats face inked up
Looking feined up lean in your pimp cup

You been pop, I ain’t even mad at you silly flops
What you think I’m here for? This ain’t kiddie hop
I take em out the picture like a Diddy crop
I’m trying to milly rock to the bank like I sold dope
You wannabes better buzz off I’m no joke
Listen up B (Bee) you don’t want smoke
The rap Macguyver slash hiver spitting raw coke
You rappers are not in my league, you been stoked

You can only win by mago mago
Most of y’all smoke rock and turn Frago
I does this, you in and out dabble
With the inaudible babble you’re kicking a wave saddle
Modo bars outta this world like space travel
I do not rate your crew they all binary
Primary base 2 rappers, a bunch of 1’s and 0’s
African John Hancock choking you scums and weirdos
There’s a thin line between drunks, bums and heroes
Polymath’s on this remix clear road

[VERSE TWO – MCskill ThaPreacha]
Yo! Check it, i gat a rare flow
I’m Light Turner in this game, gat a death note
You better take the L, hide your face, blindfold
I’m Scribbling their names fast, i gotta whack those
Psychos, gat no gender, rocking tight clothes

Mode of death? They choking, No air flow
I see false prophets drop inspirational quotes
They Fake kulture keepers, kill ’em in their near post
Supernat and Polymath, we ignite shows
Got that old school delivery, Nipost
A refined version before the wack flows
You play Carlito, I’ll play Benny Blanco

Rappers so sweet, they lactose
When it comes to raw skills, they lack those
The bad bols like thanos
Unkillable, with a snap of finger i end foes. You actors
They rather team up with the enemy, Kantos
They wouldn’t see me coming, Ghost! St. Patrick
So i fire em, take shots, target practice
Tryna run past this? end up with stress fractures
Got that X-factor, i gat a rare passion
Lagos to Berlin, high in demand like miracle pastors

FYI, ain’t gotta kiss asses
Ain’t homosexual, i’d rather kick asses
Ya gon need plastic
Surgery, Mockery, y’all really deserve this, Bunch of Imposters
Stay straight like 12 o’clock, double erection
Prolific in the box, that’s a strikers mission
I go hard, i hit (eat) nice, i talk to the lips
My head game is real wild, I’m a beast in the sheets
Shoutout to Modenine, its the end of the weak
MCskill ThaPreacha, Level IX remix!