Modenine – Samuel Peters

Modenine – Samuel Peters

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Modenine and this amazing song is titled “Samuel Peters”

Off Modenine recently discharged Album tagged The Monument Album

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Who ever said Modenine has gone quiet
Must be on a codeine diet
Shut me out the game they tried it, don’t deny it
That kind thing my guy dey cause riot
Pirates do whatever so they can quick blow
Trying to ask questions did he ever switch?
No, I’m screaming (who next)
Samuel Peters before Klitschko

Nutmeg king, you Verratti’s will get Isco’d
A Modenine clone will never possess the crisp flow
U rapping sis quo’s are getting me pissed o
Approach me at your own risk o
Yoruba demon, agbada challenge aristo
See dis ko no be disco check my discography Too much sauce, your men chaffy
Last place is not an option word to the waffi’s

Test and I’ll be dancing on your grave like Kaffy
Rap Gaddafi, biopic without the ending
If I got a problem with you I don’t care who you befriending
Whether you got a million followers, viral or trending
Your skull will get a denting
Smash it through a vending
Machine reinventing, the art of not sending

Leave you hanging like transaction pending
My real fans will be like hmm Modenine went in
Man dem on road in London will call this peng ting
Anderson Silva face (normal)
I’m venting
Y’all fake, everything about you I’m resenting
Your sports car leasing, big house renting
Infiltrate your camp, forcefully pitch my tent in

Harare fencing your best buddies out the game
Neck crank anyone of you rappers calling my name (Modenine)
Tap like chicken about to get slain
The proper twelve, quench your thirst for the fame
Habib send location and feel the pain
I ain’t playin and don’t try to troll this
Cos old school English gents will by jov this
I’m all about my bread like hovis

The baddest chic in the game sending me roses
When I’m around, her legs never closes
No lie, even Pinocchio knows this
The all knowing doctor, what’s the prognosis?
Someone in your staff is a snake word to Moses
This kind craze no be yam, it’s tuberculosis
Verbal flying lotus only the lames will vex

My words are so graphic with insane effects
You hating cos I pass you and you sprain your necks
Stop acting like you ain’t impressed
Stop acting like what gets penetrated in anal sex
Imma bounce gimme my jacket (which one)
The Avirex