Show Dem Camp – Everything I Love

Show Dem Camp – Respect, Loyalty & Honour feat. M.I Abaga

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Clone Wars Vol. IV is the debut studio album by Talented Hip Hop duo Show Dem Camp comprising Ghost and Tec. It was released by Show Dem Records on January 1, 2019. Clone Wars Vol. IV is 14 tracks long and features regulars Mavin’s LadiPoe, Vector, M.I Abaga and other talented artistes.

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Learn how to trust your intuition (family)
To learn how to look after your health (life)
To learn how to be kind (growth)
I think that’s something that we under value in society (advancement)
Swear down
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
My relationship with lagos
Omo love hate
It’s like the iOS is hanging
Needs an update
It’s like a babe saving herself
You got a long wait
It’s like my planes been hovering
Above the runway
Everything everything I love
Everything I love
It’s like the lagos high is fading
Trying to feel the buzz
Been a while since I felt comfortable
Inside the club
Sometimes I envy kid Konnect
Cause he just faded uh
The babes i used to tap are coming back to me
I’m careful bout the vibes that I attract to me
It’s like I mean, if I’m searching for a queen
Then I have no further business trying
To sell these girls a dream ha
My boy tax got a family now
But we see each other less
I’m like it can’t be now
Where we finally on the verge
That it falls apart
Where we swam past all the challenges
And all the the sharks
Its like, in the end we gon all depart
But my true niggas swear I take them all to heart yeah
In the end, we go all depart
And that’s on Everything I Love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
The smell of fresh agege bread hits my nose
Like a tidal wave
Evoking memories from childhood holidays
When my cousins would come around to play
And mom would make us memorise psalm 91
To start the day
These were the building blocks
On which a young don was raised
Without which i’m sure
I would have gone astray
When innocence lost
Morphs into those growing pains
Evolution 101
Don’t be opposed to change started of
Rhyming for sport not knowing my path
Till i paved it then evolved since then its been quality over quantity
Go check ya astrology
What animal embodies when i was born?
The bars are ice cold give em time to defrost
Still a rolling stone yet not all who wander are lost
Keep that fire in my eyes pzazz in my walk
Reserved by nature but hear the boss in my talk
I stay in that double 0 mode till the sky falls
Thankful for every day of battle in this good fight dawg
Passion is key gotta have something to live for
If not find something that ya willing to die for
And grind on/
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Thats on everything I love
Put that on Everything I Love