Show Dem Camp – Shadow of Doubt feat. Tems

Show Dem Camp – Respect, Loyalty & Honour feat. M.I Abaga

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Clone Wars Vol. IV is the debut studio album by Talented Hip Hop duo Show Dem Camp comprising Ghost and Tec. It was released by Show Dem Records on January 1, 2019. Clone Wars Vol. IV is 14 tracks long and features regulars Mavin’s LadiPoe, Vector, M.I Abaga and other talented artistes.

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What it feels like to have your entire belief system overloaded with skepticism
To never know the day that you’ll finally be able to live beyond the shadow of the doubt after living in darkness for so long
Seems like I have all the right questions
But never enough answers
And my faith is small enough to fill in the cracks of our palms God
Every night I lay down my head down to sleep
The city of my mind is attacked
By a legions of questions
Threatening the living rooms of my sanity
In order to get pass this thing help me help me help me
Bright lights guy put it on
Stardom’s close I feel the storms
But how I can I elevate myself from my immediate environment is looking quite deformed
My egbon told me Wale there’s a guy code
Blam babes make dough and just lie low
If not Lagos turn you to a physco
While I feel he just told me live fast to die slow
And I smoke then I float then I walk on tight ropes
It’s Naija sometime hopeless sometimes we might grow
Fat lady’s singing but won’t hit them high-notes
I’m like bro it’s like we just stuck in a cycle
My guy dey vex he had triplets hasn’t even finished setting up his business
Meanwhile they giving yansh out for Christmas
Men these babes are not playing men check the statistics
It’s cold out here in these streets
You can’t shoot me when you know that I’m out
You can’t move me if you know that I’m not there now
You’re hiding in a cloud bed of lies and you’re stuck behind
A shadow of doubt
What’s our purpose on this earth
Are we free or are we slaves
Destiny and destination are they different or the same
If God knows every move before I even choose a lane
Do I have free will does my future alternate
How come humans only be using 10 percent of their brains
How can I be out my mind and still be in-sane
Why don’t all African countries unite make peace
Why we call that shit freedom knowing that its not free
Who’s sending subliminal messages on my TV
Are these economic systems just a form of slavery
With all of this information how does one pick out the truth
Why’s the whole world obsessed with power and making loot
Okay we export oil how ’bout our refineries
Are we married to corruption or is it like a disease
If the answer is the latter then does someone know the cure
Should we use the word holy in conjunction with a war
What’s good what’s bad what’s evil what’s pure
How do I free my mind my emotions and my thoughts
How come sometimes I get the feeling that I’ve been here before
These are just a few questions that be troubling your boy
You know
Election is over
Declare me winner
Time to rule
Jibrin is the President
Inform all the local government
And they’re taking us to court
You can’t shoot me when you know that I’m out
You can’t move me if you know that I’m not there now
You’re hiding in a cloud bed of lies
And you’re stuck behind
A shadow of doubt